Where to Shop?

Depending on what you’re looking for, there are 2 streets in the historical center that have all kinds of local commerce and should be walked along. One is Rua Mouzinho da Silveira, which has little shops with nationally designed products, and the other is one of the prettiest streets in town, Rua das Flores. Look out for the world famous Portuguese Jeweler Luiz Ferreira, whose beautiful shop is placed just around the corner in the Rua Trindade Coelho, 9.


Old warehouse that sells all kinds of antiques and vintage articles. Great fun going around or just sitting on the terrace or at the bar having a drink. It faces the Customs House in Miragaia, that has quite a few exhibitions going on every once in a while, so you can just pop over for a look.


This is one of the most tempting decoration shops in town!! so if you happen to roam in direction of the more residential area of Foz, our tip is that you have lunch at one of Vasco Mourão’s restaurants previously mentioned (Cafeína, Terra and Casa Vasco), and hop over for some pre or after lunch shopping.

Sofia Ferreira

Right opposite Rhino Home is where you will find Luiz Ferreira’s granddaughters shop, Sofia Ferreira. Following family tradition, she creates her own jewelry designs as well as other beautiful objects, such as boxes and frames.


In the mood for treating yourself to some true fashion, go to a small street in Foz by the sea called Senhora da Luz, which means Lady of the Light. There you will find this trendy boutique with a great variety of brands. Just across the street, another boutique called Muse, is also a very good stop.


Follow on and reach Avenida Brasil, smack on the sea front, and you’ll find this Multi Brand Boutique, with a wide selection of international fashion brands. Be sure to drop in!