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Based in Porto, the second largest town in Portugal, we are blessed with history, a fabulous location smack on the Douro River and Atlantic Ocean, a temperate climate and, last but not least, the most hospitable of people… Mostly well known for its Port Wine Trade, we have lots more going on, so for those of you planning on a visit, follow our monthly Tips in Town.

Photos courtesy of Paulo Magalhães

Style is a reflection of your attitude and personality.



After a degree in Art History and starting my own flower designing company, I decided on following a dream and creating a handcrafted accessories brand, named after my mother’s childhood nickname, Bavash. The idea was to create designs that being easy to wear, would be different… in so much as they would be born from pieces collected here and there, from hand woven indigenous materials to designer fabrics, from suede and leather craftsmanship flirting with traditional Portuguese passementerie to stones in vibrant colours and different shapes set off as pieces of jewellery in themselves. Everything could be an inspiration, as my siblings and I soon learnt growing up in different parts of the world.

Babash Design owner with her three sons


Handcrafted accessories: bags, belts and jewellery aimed at women with an independent spirit, style and attitude! Each piece has its own feel and unique character…

Babash Design Handcrafted Accessories: handbag